Facial recognition

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We can offer face recognition systems. The system provides information to the relay. Relay control. Features are used in different industries. The system may or may not be networked. If systems are not networked, no data leakage and privacy. Data can be anonymized in the database. More information, contact me.

Face recognition, an important principle of machine learning, is often used to detect and identify human faces. Many new companies using this first-class technology have been established recently. And this is just the beginning.

In fact, facial recognition has already found its way into our lives. Take the digitization of paper documents or automate paper-based processes - it is used by companies to create efficient and effective companies. With all these innovations, consumers go through several ID verification and check-in procedures.

At EKOA, we build apps and models for facial recognition of AI based on accurate training data that can be a valuable asset for handling security issues for the public and companies. In addition, it can be your intelligent assistant to improve the quality of interaction with service consumers.


Our face recognition system does not process personal biometric data or store personal data. Database data can only be used in own business.

Our market

Before sales, analysis improve marketing techniques.

  • Function analysis
  • Age: How many people in which age group.
  • Gender: How many men and women can be distinguished
  • Customer flow: Systems can count how many customers have visited per day, per week, per month.
  • How long has stayed: System can calculate how long customers have stayed in the store.
  • New and returning customers: Systems can calculate how many new customers come in and also include returning customers.
  • Behavioral analysis as people behavior in the workplace

Facial recognition function

  • Passerby gives you the number of people crossing a defined line from all directions outside your store. It helps you recognize the flow of people around the store and analyze the peak hours to take to you business opportunities.
  • Footfall acts as the total number of customers who entered your store and passed through an entrance line. It shows the number of people involved in your store who can potentially pay and generate revenue for your business.
  • Wait means the average time the customer has spent in each area of your store. The information will help you to find out where you are customer spent most of the time to put more review in these areas.
  • Commitment time measures the time the customer is active, which excludes the time customers spent around the store. The information together with the residence time informs you more about customer behavior and helps your company to improve the customer experience in the store.
  • Queue time calculates the average time your customers set up for check-out. This is a benchmark for how good the logistics in the store are. A short queue time increases customer satisfaction and shows efficient resource allocation.
  • Gender tells the percentage of male and female customers in your store. It means that the customer group your product or service is attractive to the customer. The information can also help you plan the future direction of product development.
  • Like gender shows the age group age distribution for your customer group. With reference to specific characteristics of different age groups, a more complete customer profile can be created and help your company to better target your customers.
  • Feeling presents the customers' reaction to your company's products or services. You can measure customer satisfaction through this task, understand how customers perceive your products or services or even identify popular marketing products.