App development

Develops app with business system

If you have several physical stores or warehouses, we build an app with business systems for you. Shared inventory, pre-sales analysis of consumer data.

Optimize your e-commerce with a smart business system

Build your own webshop
Always updated stock balance, Automated Accounting

Cash register system with support for several stores and e-commerce

Web-based store cash

For several stores and pop-up store

Connect with webshop

Efficient handling of orders, inventory, purchasing and invoicing

Advanced delivery management

Purchase proposal and dropship

Inventory valuation and inventory

Omnichannel becomes easy with the right split system

Store management system for warehouse

Profit sharing automatic invoicing system

Work centrally and locally

Development of customer-specific app

We develop customer-specific apps, so you get them exactly what you want.

Quotation with fixed price

We listen to our customers' needs

Evaluation of Customer Specification

 processes selection of which technologies to use

Rough project plan and cost estimate

Development of customer-specific app

Customer and developer concept design

UX Design sketch

Wireframes final specification

UX design final specification

UI concept design

UI's final design

App design and implementation

Design prepared for developers

Developers review

Utveckling av BackEnd/BackOffice, API:n Android- och iOS-utveckling

Delivery of app

Test and Quality Assurance (QA)

Customer test



Customer approval


Publish on the App Store & Google Play Store

Hosting of BackEnd / BackOffice

Transfer of all source code to customer