Our prices


SEK 1968 excl. VAT per image
  • Indoor display image
  • Environment indoors image


SEK 2368 excl. VAT per image
  • Outdoor viewing image
  • Environment outdoors image

Product visualization

SEK 1368 excl. VAT per image
  • Product display
  • Product images

360 ° VR indoor image

SEK 2568 excl. VAT per image
  • Indoor 360 ° image

360 ° VR outdoor image

SEK 4568 excl. VAT per image
  • Outdoor 360 ° image

3D video

SEK 568 excl. VAT per second, at least 1 min
  • Product, indoor or outdoor video

Product 360 ° view

SEK 3668 excl. VAT per image
  • Clear 360 ° view
  • Easy to display in the website
  • More interest in customers

Product installation video

SEK 4968 excl. VAT 20-25 seconds
  • Easy installation view
  • Easy to understand
  • Simplified assembly

CAD drawing

SEK 968 excl. VAT per drawing
  • 2D drawings
  • 3D models
  • Building permit drawing

How much does it cost to have photorealistic 3D visualization?

This seems to be a difficult question to answer because we believe each product is unique and offers tailor-made solutions for individual customers. Before we calculate the quote, we evaluate the type of visualization service, level of detail and realism required to meet our customers' highest expectations.

Evaluation Budget

The final budget for our complete 3D service is always evaluated before the collaboration begins. Through effective questioning, we determine the customer's needs and future prospects, which we follow during the modeling, rendering and after the production phase.

When working with specific 3D renderings, it is extremely important to provide EKOA companies with as many precise details as possible to facilitate project realization. We encourage our customers to stay involved in all phases of the project.

App development, face recognition system

If you want to know about the prices for app development or face recognition systems, contact us for more info